• Characterized by difficulty with sleep initiation and/or maintenance, and final awakenings that occur earlier than the established wakeup time.
  • Patients complain duration of sleep is short or that sleep feels broken, less refreshing, or insufficiently deep, or that the pattern of sleep has changed for the worse.
  • Complains of sleep occur in many psychiatric disorders, including depression, generalized anxiety, panic, phobia, etc.
  • Early insomnia or difficulty in getting sleep, occurs in normal people who are aroused through anxiety or excitement. Their thoughts tend to dwell on the affect-laden experiences of the immediate past and also to rehearse ways of dealing with problems. This makes them experience fatigue.
  • Late insomnia or early morning awakening is characteristic of the depressive phase of affective disorders. In depression, there is a marked change in sleep rhythm from the normal pattern for that person.

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