Autism: Restricted repetitive pattern of behaviour, prefers particular type of toy or food only, avoids eye contact, socially withdrawn- prefers to stay alone, poor communication skills, does not make friends, lacks emotions. ADHD: Inattention, poor concentration, gets distracted easily, avoids schoolwork/homework, Hyperactive &Impulsive,

Characterized by difficulty with sleep initiation and/or maintenance, and final awakenings that occur earlier than the established wakeup time.Patients complain duration of sleep is short or that sleep feels broken, less refreshing, or insufficiently deep, or that the pattern of

Somatoform disorders are characterized by the presence of the following:Repeated presentation of physical symptoms, together with persistent requests for medical investigations, in spite of repeated negative findings and reassurances by doctors that the symptoms have no physical basis.If any physical

Withdrawn behaviour, school refusal, startled response, declining academic performance, poor concentration, sadness, disturbed sleep, clinginess to parents, reports of bad touch/physical/sexual assault, getting uncomfortable in the presence of specific person(s)Some of the common childhood disorders are:Conduct DisordersAttention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)Autism

Phobia can be defined as Irrational, Excessive & Persistent fear of an Object or Situation.The fear is out of proportion to the actual threat. People tend to avoid those situations/objects or endure them with dread. It may be associated with severe

Dream interpretation is the royal road to the unconscious. (Sigmund Freud). Dreams are meaningful and have a deeper connection with different aspects of the human mind. In dream therapy, dreams especially recurrent dreams and nightmares are understood, explored, interpreted, and analysed.