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Best Psychiatrist In Delhi

Get the Psychiatric Treatment from one of the Best Psychiatrist In Rohini,Delhi.

                   Sharda Psychiatric Clinic is one of the best clinics for Psychiatry OPD services in Delhi and has many years of services. We, at our clinic, provide combined psychotherapy and counselling services along with Evidence based treatment.

                     The services are provided by one of the best Psychiatrist in Delhi, Dr. Atmesh Kumar and his team of expert, experienced, and RCI certified  Psychologists. Our clinic delivers counselling, consultations, assessments, and therapies for several psychiatric illnesses.


Our Psychiatry OPD services include the following :

  1. General OPD : We provide the best treatment for several psychiatric illnesses including Depression, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Panic Disorder, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Insomnia, Sleep Disorder.


  1. Substance abuse treatment: This will help you get rid of any substance or

drug that is degrading your health, like Alcohol, Tobacco, Smack, Charas- Ganja, LSD, Heroine etc


  1. Psycho-Diagnostic services : This service can help diagnose the issues related to a person’s traits and behavior. They help to understand a person in a better way & hence help in solving problems more accurately.


  1. Child Psychiatry: Get the best counselling and assessment for childhood

mental health including IQ Assessment, CBT, Behaviour therapy, SLD

Assessment, Child Apperception test( CAT), ADHD Assessment, Autism

Assessment, etc.

In addition to that, We also provide Online consultation for psychiatry and emergency services. Our team takes the utmost care while treating patients.

With our Psychiatry OPD services, we have treated thousands of patients and

helped them to live better.

If you want to get the treatment for these services from the best Psychiatrist in

Delhi, then connect with Sharda Psychiatric Clinic. You can connect with us

through our contact number or WhatsApp us directly ( Mob- 9650260365) . Our team will try our best to reach out to you at the earliest. So connect with us soon, and our team will provide the appropriate treatment for your condition.